Paraphilic Disorders are often driven by a complex, multi-layered array of psychological, neurological and social factors.

In Part 1 we explore the difference between a kink & fetish, give you the tools to make a diagnosis and explore classification models for each disorder.

In Part 2 we outline models and theories and treatment approaches you can use for formulation and treatment. We will explore risk models, mandatory reporting and common countertransference experiences so you feel equipped to manage challenges that arise.

Hi! I'm Your Trainer Dr Sarah Ashton

Sarah (she/her) is the Director and Founder of the first psychology practice dedicated to sexual health treatment – SHIPS and is the Founder and Lead Training Author of Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Training. Sarah is a registered psychologist (AHPRA), board approved supervisor (AHPRA), member of the Society of Australian Sexologists and has worked with clients in the sexual health field for over 15 years. She is the Coordinator for the Sexual and Mental Health Primary Health Network, and a Sessional Lecturer at RMIT University. She is a published researcher in The Journal of Sex Research, Porn Studies, Feminism & Psychology, and has written articles for The Conversation and Red Magazine. Sarah has been a guest speaker on Joy FM and ABC radio. Sarah brings a warm, down-to-earth, compassionate approach to therapy and leading her practice. She loves what she does and wants to share this important area of knowledge with emerging and established practitioners.

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