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We integrate psychological frameworks and sex research and give you practical skills and resources to treat sexual issues. 
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Hi, I’m your trainer - Dr Sarah Ashton!

Sarah (she/her) is the Director and Founder of the first psychology practice dedicated to sexual health treatment – SHIPS and is the Founder and Lead Training Author of Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Training. Sarah is a registered psychologist (AHPRA), board approved supervisor (AHPRA), member of the Society of Australian Sexologists and has worked with clients in the sexual health field for over 15 years. She is the Coordinator for the Sexual and Mental Health Primay Health Network, and a Sessional Lecturer at RMIT University. She is a published researcher in The Journal of Sex Research, Porn Studies, Feminism & Psychology, and has written articles for The Conversation and Red Magazine. Sarah has been a guest speaker on Joy FM and ABC radio. Sarah brings a warm, down-to-earth, compassionate approach to therapy and leading her practice. She loves what she does and wants to share this important area of knowledge with emerging and established practitioners.

Hi, I'm your trainer, Javiera Dastres!

Javiera (she/her) is a psychologist and Board-approved supervisor, and she is a Senior Psychologist at SHIPS. She is sex positive, LGBTIQA+ inclusive, kink-friendly, sex work positive, neurodiversity affirming, and welcoming of all relationship structures.

Javiera has a wealth of experience working across correctional, community and private practice settings, and she has completed a Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual and Reproductive Health) in Psychosexual Therapy. Non-monogamy has always been an interest and passion for Javiera, and she has developed publicly available resources to help people better understand and approach non-monogamy.

Javiera is passionate about supporting allied health professionals in creating psychologically safe spaces for their clients, especially for clients who experience stigma and marginalisation due to their relationship structures. Javiera values and appreciates the vulnerability required to reflect on and address internalised biases, and she has seen the benefits of when clients are shown a new experience of acceptance and connection by their practitioners.

Interested in one-on-one Supervision?

SHIPS psychologist Amy Cooper and Senior Psychologist Jasmin Quinsee offer 50-minute supervision sessions for psychologists, students, sexologists and therapists. Send us an email to book a session.

Jasmin Quinsee

Senior Psychologist, Relationship Counsellor & Supervisor

"I provide supervision for therapists of all levels of experience to create a safe space for them to explore themselves and their relationship to their work. In my work at SHIPS I have provided reflective, skills-based, clinical supervision for psychologists, clinical psychologists, students and GPs. I support supervisees to treat sexual presentations, mental health presentation, relationship difficulties and their intersection with socially marginalised and neurodiverse experiences and the reflective skills necessary to work with complex presentations. I enjoy supervisory work on transference and countertransference, building reflective practice and practitioner resilience and self-care. I provide consultation on both individual and relationship presentations."

Amy Cooper

Psychologist & Supervisor

"In supervision, I work with psychologists at the very start of their career and psychologists in positions of seniority or team leadership (some in supervisory roles themselves), as well as professionals from other backgrounds like social work, occupational therapy and education. I like to do a lot of supervisory work on transference and countertransference, practitioner self-reflection, responding to client ambivalence and balancing proactive treatment with reactive distress management. I'm especially passionate about teaching practitioners to identify, target and treat clients' underlying issues, rather than circling around superficial issues - this is something that comes up a lot in the kind of work we do at SHIPS."

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